Wealth Management Challenges Facing Affluent Clients/Families

Affluent clients face many challenges protecting and growing their wealth. How you navigate these challenges will determine your likelihood of success. Consider the following:


Are you getting all the facts necessary for you to make informed decisions?

Conflicts of Interest

Are your advisors legally obligated to act in your best interests?

Coordination of Advisors

Are your advisors a team?

Hidden Fees

How much are your advisors getting paid and who is paying them? Is it disclosed?

Product Based vs. Goals Based

Are proprietary products and payouts driving the planning and implementation?

The Family Office Solution

The ideal solution for affluent individuals, families, or foundations, is to have an experienced fiduciary advisor, who is charged with providing integrated wealth management solutions, that are in your best interests. 

Family Office Research is held to a higher standard while managing our clients’ family offices. The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 imposes a fiduciary duty to clients. Our office must act on your behalf, in your best interests at all times, must disclose all known material facts, and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. You still need many specialists and product/service providers in order to successfully manage your wealth, but now you have a fiduciary advisor, or a personal Chief Financial Officer, who is with you every step of the way to help you: